Telling and Re-telling Stories

The Tilly Report


For those of you in western Massachusetts: Don't miss Witness, a solo exhibition by  Beckie Kravetz at the Student Union Art Gallery at U Mass Amherst (October 13 - 30, 2009) -- an installation consisting of 24 life-size ceramic figures (heads, busts and torsos).

"This work is a response to tragedies, both personal and global," says the artist. "The crowd has gathered to watch an unknown, powerful event. The viewer becomes part of the crowd, and individual experience informs their interpretation of the event and the other witnesses."

Beckie and I shared an art studio in downtown Tucson for many years, where I was privileged to watch the creation of many figures included in the exhibition...and oh, how I wish I could be present for the premier of the completed piece.  More information on the show can be found on the U Mass website; more information on Beckie and her work can be found on her own website. For a glimpse of the individual clay figures, such as the haunting pieces pictured above and below, visit Beckie's work-in-progress gallery of photos.