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The Tilly Report, Week Three-and-a-half

Puppies This week Tilly attended the first of four Puppy Parties hosted by the local vet, intended to help young dogs to learn to socialize and get along with other dogs. She didn't fuss, howl, growl, cower, jump the other puppies, or pooh all over the floor, as some of the others did; she merely sat quietly at our feet taking it all in, as if to say: "What the heck are those other creatures doing????" She's not timid, she just likes to take her time to size up new places and situations. While the other pups ran amok, Tilly (the youngest of them all) remained calm, watchful and composed, remembering her "heel" and "sit" training perfectly. We were so proud!

Thanks to a friend's advice, we're using the Jan Fennell Amichien Bonding method of training, and highly recommend it.