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The Tilly Report


She's eight months old now, and starting to look more like the dog she'll be than the pup she's been. Above, a picture taken this week. Below, Tilly at eight weeks old, back in September when we first brought her home.

Tilly at 8 weeks old

Bits & Pieces of News

The Beastly Bride  * My latest anthology is now out on the bookstore shelves. Called The Beastly Bride, and co-edited with Ellen Datlow (as usual), it's the fourth and final volume in the "YA mythic fiction" series we've been editing for Viking (following The Green Man: Tales of the Mythic Forest, The Faery Reel: Tales of the Twilight Realm, and The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales). This time, we're looking at animal-human transformation myths from cultures around the world. The book contains new stories inspired by such myths from Christopher Barzak, Peter Beagle, Steve Berman, Richard Bowes, Carol Emshwiller, Jeffrey Ford, Gregory Frost, Terra Gearheart, Hiromi Gotto, Ellen Kushner, Tanith Lee, Stewart Moore, Shetwa Narayan, Lucius Shepard, Midori Snyder, E. Catherine Tobler,  and Marly Youmans; and new mythic poems by Nan Fry, Jeanette Hall Gaily, Delia Sherman, and Jane Yolen. The cover art, once again, is by Charles Vess.

* For those of you in New York City, there will be a reading from The Beastly Bride on Monday, June 7 (7:00 - 8:30 pm) at McNally Jackson at 52 Prince Street. Ellen Datlow will be there, and the reading authors will be Jeffrey Ford, Richard Bowes, Carol Emshwiller, Gregory Frost, Nan Fry, Steve Berman and Marly Youmans. (If you're a Facebook user, Ellen has set up a page for the event here.)

* There's a terrific new issue of Goblin Fruit online. You'll find it here. Enjoy!

The Solstice Award

A Gold Star For You
I'm pretty flabbergasted by this, and honored indeed to be listed in the company of Tom Doherty (creator and publishers of Tor Books) and Don Wollheim (creator and publisher of DAW Books), two giants of the American publishing field. Thank you, SFWA.

Many thanks also to the Endicott Mythic Fiction Reading Group, for inviting me to do a Question & Answer session on The Wood Wife this past week. It was interesting and fun. The group is reading The Coyote Road in May, and these other fine books thereafter:

June: The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
July: The Girl in the Glass by Jeffrey Ford
August: The Tree Bride by Bharati Mukherjee
September: Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
October: The Antelope Wife by Louise Erdrich

All are welcome, and you can join the group here.