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The View From Your Window*


Over at the Atlantic Monthly site, blogger Andrew Sullivan runs a regular series called "The View From Your Window," featuring photographs sent in by readers from around the world. (It has proven so popular that it's now a book.) In that spirit, here's the view from my window in Devon....

Tilly at the Window 5-6-10 

Send me a photo of the view from your window and I'll post it this week. (Photos needn't include a beastie, just your view!) Please send them in by Friday the 14th (at the latest), via the Endicott Studio's email address: endicottstudio [at]

And now following up an earlier post:

SF Signal is running interviews with each of the writers in The Beastly Bride, providing an interesting glimpse at the creative process of writing mythic fiction. The latest interviews to be posted are:

Marly Youmans ("Salamander File")

Delia Sherman ("The Selkie Speaks")

A lovely snippet from the latter interview:

Charles Tan (interviewer): What is it about the Beastly Bride concept that appeals to you?

Delia Sherman: I love the idea of species fluidity, I guess, the sense of the maiden inherent in the swan or seal, the youth inherent in the bear or deer. After all, human beings are animals. And aren't we most aware of our animal natures when love or hunger or hatred burns through reason and encourages us to do exactly what we desire to do, with frequently tragic results? At the same time, many fairy tales and ballads present us with animals who are nobler, truer, and kinder than the greedy human beings who desire to possess them. I guess I tend to read these stories as very early (and possibly unconscious) feminist texts. Let us control our lives, the animal brides say. Leave us our pelts or our feather cloaks. Let us choose when to stay and when to leave. We have the right to be treated as your equals. In our native element, we have powers you have not. We can fly in the air, breathe in the water, dig underground. Don't chain us. Don't separate us from our sisters. Learn from us.