Suriya and Rosco

The Tilly Report: she's a teenager now

Springador Puppy - 3 months - 10 months

Above and below: Our girl back in October, at 3 months old, and now, at 10 and a half months. (The statue on the patio is by Wendy Froud, which we call "Our Lady of the Garden." She used to be a Deer Woman, until the neighborhood cats at Weaver's Cottage, my last house, took to launching themselves onto a wall via her head, which gradually wore away her horns. Click on the photo if you want to see her better.)

   3 - 10 months old

This is Tilly when we brought her home...

8 week old springador puppy

...and Tilly today. No longer such a little muffin, but with a personality so full of joy, humor, and affection that we find her more adorable than ever.

Front garden 13