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June 2010 6

June 2010

We've been having beautiful weather here in Devon, which Tilly is enjoying above by helping Howard water the garden and doing the Summer Dance (a companion piece to her Winter Dance, here). As for me, I'm down with a nasty summer cold. Ugh. It always seemed to me that those of us with chronic health problems should be exempt from getting ordinary illnesses too -- kind of a Get Out of Jail Free card for time already served. Ah well. Someone please pass the tissues....

On the subject of illness, I love this post on Andrew Sullivan's blog. (This sentence stopped me in my tracks: "You have to own the illness and then own an identity that is so much more than the illness." Lordy, that's so true.) And I'm determined to appreciate this beautiful summer day despite illness, deadline worries, and a head full of cotton wool. Tilly is my Guru in this ambition. Nothing, absolutely nothing, diminishes her joy, open-heartedness, and love of life.

I've added two novels to the On the Shelf column to the right, by the way, which you must not miss. They are fantastic in every sense of the word.