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Video Enchantment

The video above, which is a trailer for M. Rickert's new book (Holiday, from Golden Gryphon Press), was created by my friend Thomas Canty. It's a beautiful, mythic, and haunting little film.

 American fantasy readers will know Tom as an award-winning cover artist and illustrator whose work has graced many books in our field -- including my Snow White, Blood Red series, the original "Fairy Tales" series, and twenty-plus volumes of the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. What some of you young'uns may not know, however, is that Tom was instrumental in changing the look of American fantasy literature, back in the 1980s, from the ubiquitous swordsman-and-babe-in-brass-bikini covers to a much broader and more sophisticated range of art. His distinctive, iconic imagery has its roots in the 19th century Arts-&-Crafts movement and the art and design of the Pre-Raphaelites; and like William Morris himself, Tom's aesthetic extends far beyond the canvas to design-work in a variety of mediums.

It's great to see Tom venturing into video, and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. I'm also a big fan of M. Rickert's short fiction, so this seems to be an inspired pairing of talents.