Tunes for a Monday Morning

Recommended Reading:

Study by David Wyatt

I'm hoping to be back on my feet and back on this blog next week. In the meantime, here's some recommended reading for you:

* Howard (my husband) has posted a fascinating look at medieval and Renaissance magic over on the John Barleycorn blog.

Howard studied the history of Western Esotericism as an MA student, so this is a particular interest of his  -- and in today's post, he gives John Barleycorn readers a glimpse into some of the esoteric ideas behind the "magician sleuth" hero of the graphic novel he is creating with Rex Van Ryn.  (Howard and Rex also posted more pages from the graphic novel last week, with more to come.)

The picture of a magician in his study (above) is from our friend and village neighbor, book illustrator Dave Wyatt.

* The lovely Colleen Mondor over at Chasing Ray has a post up right now about her first encounter with the Borderland series. Damn near made me cry. Review copies of the new Borderland book (Welcome to Bordertown) are starting to go out now, by the way, and the book itself will hit bookstores in May.

Drawing by allie brosh
* Judging by the fact the my blog readership numbers spike whenever there's a picture of Tilly, I think I can safely assume that many of you are fellow dog-lovers -- so I want to share a post which also made me cry, but this time with laughter: "Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving," a comic from Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half blog. Not, I hasten to add, that our Tilly is like Simple Dog (pictured above)...but I've sure known a few who are.

Speaking of Tilly,  here's the girl (below), in her beloved woods recently. She's a year and half old now, and sweeter than ever. How time flies....

Tilly in the woods

Tilly in the bracken

Above: Tilly in the bracken, March 2011. Below: Tilly in the bracken at 11 weeks old.

Tilly in the bracken 2