Water Stories II

Recommended Reading: mermaids and more

Alarmed Mermaid by Fay Ku

* Jane Yolen discusses "Wrestling With Endings" in the "Writers at Work" section of James L. Harrison's Connecting the Dots. Writers and would-be-writers take note: there's some very good advice here.

* I discuss "The Mermaid Myth" over at Carolyn Turgeon's charming I am a Mermaid blog. You'll find interviews with Jane Yolen, Alice Hoffman, artist Michael Wm. Kaluta, and other good folk over there too, as well mermaid dancers in Iceland, a man who makes mermaid tales, and more. Carolyn's got a new mermaid novel of her own which has just been released (inspired by "The Little Mermaid" and traditional mermaid lore), and which has been eagerly awaited by many fairy tale ficion fans, including me.

* Katherine Langrish discusses "Nis folklore" and more on the whistle stops of her Blog Tour celebrating the publication of her book West of the Moon. (Three cheers for West of the Moon!) You can follow Katherine's adventures via her own blog, Seven Miles of Steel Thistles...and while you're there, catch up on any  of the excellent"Fairytale Reflections" that you might have missed.

* It's "March Madness" at the Interstitial Arts Foundation, which is when the wacky artists and scholars of the IAF (and I mean "wacky" in a good way) devote their blog to interviews of wildly unclassifiable artists in sundry fields -- starting with Colette Fu, who creates incredible pop-up books as a form of fine art. The month's interview series is curated by Erin Underwood and Mythic Delirium's Mike Allen, and it's bound to be blast.

Art above: "Alarmed Mermaid" by the amazing Taiwan-born, Brooklyn-based artist Fay Ku. You can see more of her work on her website, and read an old-but-still-interesting interview here, discussing her inspiration, influences, and Living the Artist's Life.