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On Your Desk

On Your Desk

Jason of England 1

Today's desk comes from another old friend here in my village, Jason Hancox. Jason is a silversmith and goldsmith who makes beautiful "runic jewelry" under the name Jason of England, creating art that is steeped in the myths and ancient spiritual traditions of northern Euorpe. (He is also the artist behind the mystical totems--made of silver and natural objects--adorning the pages of  The Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud and Ari Berk.) Like Yuli and Dhevdhas in last week's photos, Jason works out of an old granite barn rich in Devonian history and atmosphere. The back door opens onto a rolling green field bordered by old stone walls --  the same field where Jason and his partner Ruth hosted the spring equinox celebration that I wrote about last month.

Jason of England 1

Jason of England 2

Jason's description of his workspace comes to us in the form of the following poem:

Order from chaos create,
the Gods example set,
Water, Fire, Earth, and Air,
Hler, Loge, Erda, Kari.
Befriend the Primal Powers,
and with the will
forge shimmering, shifting elements,
to hold together, for a time,
in beauteous form.

Jason of England 3

"If I order the tools of my workbench," Jason says, "I remove the desire to create. I do not enjoy or embrace chaos, I use it to inspire my need to change it, to create form and beauty."

Jason's tools

Above: a selection of Jason's tools. Below: the gorgeous objects he makes with them. To see more of his mythic jewelry, please visit the Jason of England website.


More  desks, from the village and elsewhere, in the days ahead....