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I haven't quite finished the "Chagford desk tour" yet, as there are more desk/workspace photos from friends here in my village that will be coming in over the days and weeks ahead. But I'm also happy to post desk photos from other places in the world, so if you haven't sent yours in yet, Gentle Reader, there's still time to do so.

Today's photos, for example, come from Theo Black: painter, illustrator, gnome whipper and web designer extraordinaire in western Massachusetts. "My space is in an old felt factory that has been converted into office space," Theo says. "It's large enough to accommodate six 79 Buick Skylarks. At one time I had a staff of four and did websites for many popular YA authors. Now the space in going through some changes and there are only three of us. We still do websites, but only a few, and I'm painting again."

And that's good news indeed.


Visit Theo's website, The Black Arts, to see more of his work -- and check out the cool new website he designed for the Bordertown Series.

Gryphon by Theo Black

Theo Black

If you'd like to contribute a picture to the "On Your Desk" series, you are very welcome to do so. You'll find more information (and the address where you should send your photo) in the first post of the series. Click here for the full series so far, and here for our last photo series: "The View from Your Window".