The Dog's Tale
On perserverance, 3.

Miss Representation

Here's a trailer for a very important new film about the representation of women in the media. I really feel for all the young women (and young men) trying to grow up strong, self-confident, and balanced despite the poisonous media culture we've given to them -- and thus I'm grateful to Jennifer Siebel Newsom for addressing this subject head on in her new film, Miss Representation.  Although the short (3 minute) film trailer above is the only version I was able to embed on this blog, I hightly recommend the longer (8 minute) version of the film trailer on Facebook, here.

One thing the longer version of the trailer talks about is the importance of mentoring. As a life-long feminist, this is something I feel strongly about...and I find it heartening that there does seem to be a lot of quiet mentoring going on in the fantasy publishing and mythic arts fields. The sf/fantasy genre was very much a man's world when I entered publishing in the early 1980s, and it's enormously gratifying that -- thanks to the work of so many fine women -- it no longer is today. Now if only the same could be said of Congress and the Senate....