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The Dog's Tale

Yong cow by the stream

The Dog's Tales: a series of posts in which Tilly has her say....

I had another lesson in How to Walk Past Very Large Animals...but it was perhaps not quite as successful this time.

The young cow above appeared on on the stream-side trail behind our house this morning -- as curious about me as I was about her. I remembered my training. I did not bark. I stayed quietly beside my Person as she snapped this picture, and she said she was proud of me. Then we turned to pass on another trail, and that's when things got. . .complicated.

The young cow decided to follow us. I got bit excited then, I admit it. I barked. I just couldn't help it. I barked. 

And that's when Mama cow appeared, alarmed for her youngster's safety.

Mama cow and youngster

Mama chased us downhill, back across the stream, toward a field where we hoped to get out of her way. . .

Mama and youngster

. . . but the field, we discovered, was filled with more cows, all riled up by Mama Cow's bellows.

Entrance to the field

We escaped, dear readers, in the nick of time, scittering down the wet stones of a waterfall -- and then circled back home, paws and skirts damp and muddy, trailing brambles and burrs behind us.

I rathered enjoyed the adventure, but my Person was flustered.

Very pleased with herself

She said we had more training to do....