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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Since the subject of shamanic journeys came up last in last week's discussion of artists' blocks and burn-out, today's music comes from the shamanic yoik tradition of the Sámi people of northern Europe. Above, "Mun ja Mun" by Adjágas, a young band from Norway who are part of the contemporary yoik revival there. (Adjágas is a Sámi word for the period of time, and mental state, that occurs between waking and sleeping.)

Below, one of the masters of contemporary yoik, Mari Boine (also from Norway), talks about her creative journey.

More information on yoik can be found here, and links to other yoik musicians here. More information abut Sami history and culture can be found on the Galdu website (The Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).