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Thomas Hine

"I want my life to be a good strong one - not strong like a Mr. Universe,
but like a good strong cup of tea, full of flavour."
- Thomas Samoht Hine

This post is in tribute to the work and life of Thomas Hine, who many in the Mythic Arts community will know from his West-Country Folklore group and blog. Thomas passed away on Wednesday morning, at much too young an age. My heart goes out to his wife (writer/artist Lunar Hine), their young daughter, his aunt and extended family....and to everyone in his wide, wide circle of friends here in our village.

In addition to his work as an author and folklorist, Thomas had trained as an archaeologist, and was also an artist, fiddle player, and organic gardener who loved all things mythical, magical, hand-crafted, and home-grown. That's Thomas above, arranging an exhibition of his artwork at the Courtyard Cafe here in Chagford...and below on fiddle, making music with Jason Hancox, Steve Dooley, Rima Staines, and Howard at an Equinox bonfire last spring. The final photograph was taken by Thomas, a few months later, at a local May Day celebration, and posted on his Westcountry Folklore blog.

It seems just a blink of an eye ago that Howard, Victoria, and I were dancing at Lunar and Thomas' wedding. Yesterday, friends and neighbors gathered again, this time for a memorial celebration. I wish Thomas had had many more decades of time to make his mark on the Mythic Arts field...but his life was indeed a strong one, just as he'd wished, full of flavour, full of art, and full of people who loved him.

He will be missed. And he will be remembered.

Musicians at Spring Equionox bonfire 2011

May Day Bonfire photograph by Thomas Hine 2011