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Longing for home

Howard & Tilly in Devon, 2012

Sitting here in New York City, missing my home and loved ones back in Devon, I re-visited the poignant "Homesickness" episode of Ellen Kusher's Sound & Spirit radio progam (WGBH/Public Radio International) -- which you can listen to online here.

The following poem by Jane Yolen was inspired by the photograph at the top of this post...although it is, she says, as much about her husband David (who died six years ago), as it is about my photo of Howard and Tilly. Art is like that.

Longing for Home

Longing for Home

I see you from behind,
walking the familiar path,
the twisting, winding road
that goes through the hills,
and long to be going home
to twine you in my arms,
to make a nest in our bed,
to call in the dog from the hearth,
and be there in our home.
The wind is at my back
when I want it in my face.
If I call, will you answer
or just keep walking on?

- Jane Yolen



"Longing for Home" copyright 2012 by Jane Yolen. The poem appears here with the author's permission, and may not be reproduced in any form without her consent.