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The Year of the Roses

Sketch by Terri Windling

The Mythic Imagination Institute's online magazine is up and running again, and the new version is gorgeous. This year's theme is "The Year of the Roses," and the first issue in the series is focused on fairy tales. You'll find a link to the magazine on the Mythic Imagination website.

(Matthew & the Atlas' song and video, "Within the Rose," which has been in heavy rotation on my stereo lately, would make the perfect soundtrack for this issue.)

Also, as long as I'm recommending links this morning, N.K. Jemison has a good post about writing fantasy magic here, which (as Ellen Kushner so eloquently describes it) stands up for the numinous in fantasy literature. Bravo for that.

And a video recommendation (via Ari Berk): automata artist Thomas Kunz' "Une Saison En Enfer."

The little "Rosebud" picture above is from an old sketchbook of mine.