Made true by the telling
The truth of myth

Following the muse

This is insanely beautiful: the mythic art of Jeanie Tomanek paired with the music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. I think it might be physically impossible to watch this and not feel inspired and uplifted....

"Great art is as irrational as great music," wrote the American drama critic George Jean Nathan. "It is mad with its own loveliness." 


Capturing the Moon by Jeanie Tomanek"Capturing the Moon" by Jeanie Tomanek.

Jeanie's enchanting website is here; and you'll find an article on her work and her long journey into the arts here, in the JoMA archives. ""I paint to explore the significance of ideas, memories, events, feelings, dreams and images that seem to demand my closer attention," she says. "Some of the themes I investigate emerge first in the poems I write. Literature, folktales, and myths often inspire my exploration of the feminine archetype. My figures often bear the scars and imperfections, that, to me, characterize the struggle to become."

She uses oils, acrylic, pencil and thin glazes to create "a multi–layered surface that may be scratched through, written on, or painted over to reveal and excavate the images that feel right for the work. In reclaiming and reconstructing areas of the canvas, the process of painting becomes analogous to having a second chance at your life, this time a little closer to the heart’s desire."