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On Your Desk

The wee desk I now write on

Here's another brief entry to the On Your Desk photo series: my own current writing space. Even though I have a perfectly good desk (pictured here in an earlier post), these days, I confess, I'm in the habit of working from my office/studio couch --

Tilly in the office Oct 2012

-- which isn't very practical in terms of space (books, papers, and coffee cups piling up precariously around me),  but lets Tilly curl beside me as I work. Ah, the things we do for our dogs.

She generally snoozes with her head on my lap (snoring loudly), or her nose resting on a favorite toy...or else she sits and stares intently out the window, lest her arch nemeses (the neighbor's cats) stroll by, those brazen hussies.

Tilly and her yellow bone

I've always preferred to spread out on a desk (the bigger the better),  so this is a considerable change for me. But the new set-up has one distinctive advantage (besides unabashed canine indulgence): a gorgeous view, looking out to the slope of Meldon Hill, and the distant moor beyond, pictured here on a misty, rainy day:

Through the office window on a rainy day

If your workspace has changed since you last contributed photos to the "On Your Desk" series, you're very welcome to contribute again. Info on how to do so is here, in the first post of the series. (Scroll to the bottom of the post, just above the Comments.)