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Book characters and imaginary friends



I posted the picture above on Thanksgiving Day last year, and I'm re-posting it now because it says all I want to say -- although I'm celebrating the holiday in America this time, an ocean away from my sweet pup and and our beloved Devon hills. (If you find the type hard to read, click on the image for a larger version.)

Speaking of pups, for fellow dog lovers I recommend a new article by Virginia Hughes on how a dog sniffs, at the science blog The Last Word on Nothing. "It’s humbling to think of how much of this big wide world my microsmatic self will never get to experience," she says. "The only whiff I get comes from watching my dog’s delight." The last picture below relates to the topic, and is also re-posted from my picture archives.

Tilly on Nattadon Hill

Reading the Wind

Also, please don't miss Annie Lamotts's lovely Thanksgiving essay, in praise of books, writers, and bookish families, in The New York Times.