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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today, Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi, (with thanks to Chantal Simon for introducing me to his music). Einaudi was raised in Turin, Italy, studied at the Conservatory in Milan, and now resides on a vineyard in the Piedmont region. He's an interstitial musician who combines his classical training with a love of music from many different genres.

Above: "Walk," an exquisite song from him new album, In a Time Lapse.

Below: "In a Time Lapse story telling," which the composer discusses the concepts behind the album -- explaining that he doesn't just put random tracks together, he thinks "of the entire voyage as a book, like when you are reading or writing a novel, so that every part is a chapter where some elements come back in different ways, in the music's different and reccuring themes."

And last:

"Divinire" (from Einaudi's 2006 album of the same name) performed in the Palazzo Te, in Mantova, Italy.

"It's only when we become aware or are reminded that our time is limited that we can channel our energy into truly living." - Ludovico Einaudi