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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Today, four songs about fathers (in honor of Father's Day, of course):

Above: "My Father" by Bruce Springsteen, the great poet of working class New Jersey life (which is where I did some of my growing up too). He wrote quite a lot of songs about his complicated relationship with his father -- and this, I think, is one of the best. There's no video to go along with it, but the song is powerful just on its own. (To learn more about Springsteen and his father, I recommend the article "Springsteen at 62," published in the New Yorker not too long ago. You can read it online here.)

Below: English folk musician Martin Simpson sings "Never Any Good," a beautifully bittersweet song about his dad, performed live at the Union Chapel. That's Andy Seward on double-bass, Andy Cutting on squeeze box, and Kellie While singing back-up.

Above: "Tank Park Salute," a sad, touching song from England's Billy Bragg (recorded back in 1991), about the death of his father. A lot of people I know have have lost parents in the last year, so this one's for all of you.

And last, turning from from fathers past to fathers of the present: "A Father's First Spring" by North Carolina's The Avett Brothers.  This simple (and simply lovely) performance was filmed up in Alaska.