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Moving Day, Chagford Style

Moving Day morning

Hallelujah! My mother-in-law's move is now over, and she's in her new home, Nonesuch Cottage, at last! It's just up the road from the old place, but it's all her own, and that makes a difference.

The picture above was taken on Moving Day morning, in the car park ("parking lot," for American readers) behind the Victorian building of flats that we've just moved her out of. That's our fabulous Moving Crew of friends, neighbors, and Chagford Filmmaking Group members above: Corrie, Rob, Deirdre, Jenny (my mother-in-law, in pink), Elizabeth-Jane, Ruth, Howard, and Jason.  A big thank you to them all -- and also to Brian and Finn, who aren't pictured here. (And to Rima, Damien, Magda, Elaine, Virginia, and Marica, who helped out in the run-up to the move.)

The picture below was taken in the middle of the day, when we found ourselves (due to slow-moving banks) with a two hour gap between the time the old flat had to be vacated and the time when the keys to the new place would arrive. The move ground to an abrupt halt...but instead of despairing, we simply stopped for a lovely al fresco lunch in the car park. Elizabeth-Jane provided the dishes, cutlery, and an outrageously delicious home-cooked meal (a casserole of local vegetables, bread hot from the oven, and a large wheel of Brie), served with good conversation, a great deal of laughter, and plenty of late summer sunshine.

Moving Day lunch time

Feeding the troops

Telling stories

Our chef

By supper time, thanks to everyone's hard work, Jenny was ensconsed in Nonesuch Cottage at last. Once again, Elizabeth-Jane provided the Moving Crew with a fabulous feast: an Italian meat pie with four kinds of cheeses, a salad of local produce, more fresh-baked bread, and a cake for dessert. Here she is carrying the Famous Pie through the back door of Jenny's barn, followed by Tilly and young Finn:



Supper table

Once again we dined al fresco, but this time we sat in Jenny's peaceful new garden, surrounded by flowers instead of furniture, boxes, and trucks.

Below, a toast to Jenny's new house...and to friends and community who make life so sweet.

The end of Moving Day