Reading in the woods
The whole thing starts with a single knot

Arachne's Handmaidens: Weaving Beauty


As Tilly and I walk through the early morning mist, spiderwebs cling to the brambles and gorse...



...the ephemeral artwork of the spiders...


...the delicate lacework of the bracken fairies.


I'm reminded of the equally ephemeral installations of Chiharu Shiota, a Japanese artist based in Berlin:

Chiharu Shiota installation

Her art is precisely the kind that I love most, evoking Beauty and Mystery...

Chiharu Shiota installation

...and helping us see Beauty and Mystery all around us.

Chiharu Shiota installation

Chiharu Shiota installation

In a poem titled "Mindful,"
Mary Oliver writes: 

Every day
      I see or hear
                  that more or less

kills me
      with delight,
            that leaves me
                  like a needle

in the haystack
      of light.
          It was what I was born for–
                to look, to listen,

to lose myself
      inside this soft world

Chicharu Shiota installation

Silence by Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota installation

Now I follow my dog through the bracken and the briars, the art of busy spiders gleaming all along the path.


Indeed, this is what we're born for, to look, to listen. And to find magic everywhere.

Nattadon Hill