Tunes for a Monday Morning

Mythic beauty

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Some stormy weather reading....

First: "The Camoflaged Woman: Celebrating Irreverent Beauty & Natural Expression" by Aleah Sato (Jane Crow Journal).  From make-up to muses, adornment to archetypes, it's a must-read for women interested in myth and mythic arts. Myth-minded men may find it of interest too.

Second: "The Long View," a short post by Karen Phelps about nature, loss, and taking the long view. (Dark Mountain, via Suzi Crockford)

Third: "What Great Artists Need: Solitude," a lovely and insightful essay by the Danish author Dorthe Nors. (The Atlantic, via Ellen Kushner)

Fourth: The extraordinary Jane Hirshfield is interviewed in "Why Write Poetry?" (Psychology Today)

Fifth: If you've been missing the "On Your Desk" series on this blog, have a look at "Day of the Desk" by artist Jackie Morris.

And last: Mark Slouka's "Nobody's Son," about the death of his father, is a beautiful thing. (The New Yorker)

Art above: A detail from "Merlin and Nimue The Beguiling of Merlin" by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898).