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The Tilly Report

Tilly October 2009 It's been a big week for Tilly. She's had the last of her vaccinations, and so she's now allowed out in the Big Wide World. She's begun walking on a leash (or "lead," as they say here in the UK), and has made her first visits to the village Commons, the village Square, and my studio above the village wine shop -- where she got so excited she pee-ed on my studio-mate's rug, but nevermind. She's learned "Sit" and "Down," she's starting to learn "Heel,"  and she's appointed herself the task of ridding the garden of snails (by eating them). She's encountered horses, cats, men in funny hats, helicopters, and accordions; she spent a whole day away from us with puppy-sitter Rima Staines; and she's made her first canine friend: Ozzie, a lovely whippet owned by our friends Shany Niv & Marko Zerdin. (Noble Ozzie is pictured below with Shany, Howard and Tilly.) She's growing bigger, bolder, exploring father afield -- attempting to squirm through fences now and out the hole in our old front gate -- until she's startled by some new sight or sound and reminded that she's just a wee puppy after all. This morning, it was the distant baying of the hounds in our local hunting pack that send her scurrying inside again, her little tail between her legs....

Tonight, Tilly's second Puppy Party. Wish her luck.


Friends - Ozzie & Tilly