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Massey 2
Phoca_thumb_l_title_-_shrine_for Thanks to a link on the 5preciousthings blog from Scotland, I've fallen completely in love with the magical creations of the Irish artist Fidelma Massey, who works in stone, bronze, and ceramics from her studio in County Wexford.

Massey draws inspiration from world mythology, astrological symbolism, and the spirituality inherent in nature. “I don’t feel that there is any separation or conflict between the divine and the concrete world," she says. "The spectrum flows from spirit through matter and does not exclude humans.” 

To see more of Massey's exquisite mythic art, please visit her website.

Massey 1


Wow, those are wonderful! Magical art. :)

These are fabulous. Thanks Terri!

I love the mother tree with the nest in her belly.

So beautiful and powerful, my jaw literally dropped as more and more was revelead of Mother of All. Terri, you are an amazing resource for magic art. Thank you for sharing with us.

Oh joy! What magical creations! And I love what the artist says about no separation between the spiritual and material worlds. It took me a long time to come to that understanding, and it has made all the difference. Thank you for posting, Terri! I'll add here that I discoverd "The Woodwife" this year and practically devoured it. It's one of my all-time favorites (I used to live in the Southwest), and I happily anticipate re-reading it, again and again.

Hi Terri,
Thank you for putting my work up on your website. It was very flattering that you liked it so much, and I got some interest from possible customers too.I really love your drawings too, and will look out for the books, maybe I'll buy myself one on Amazon as a Christmas present!
Fidelma ( Massey)

Hi Terri, so lovely to see this link to fidelmas work, it is so stunning & the more folk that know of it the better. thank you too for the link to my site, a real pleasure for me as your work (both written & painted) is amongst some of my most favourite, true inspiration.

Oh wow, thank you for sharing this!

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