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An Important Auction

  Mr Fox

Over on LiveJournal, there is currently an auction running to raise money for Deb Mensinger, the wife of my friend and fellow-fantasy-author Laurie J. Marks. Deb needs a liver transplant, and although she has health insurance, it doesn't cover all of the costs of the procedure. Thus folks in the writing, art, and LJ communities are rallying around to raise some urgently needed cash.

I've donated the painting above ("Mr. Fox," an English trickster figure), and other folks have donated items as well. Ellen Kushner, for example, has donated a copy of the beautiful book pictured below, a limited-edition, small press volume with illustrations by Thomas Canty. New auction items are being added daily. The auction runs until May 23.

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Here are the ways you can help:

1. By bidding on something. (All donations are being run through a women's health charity, and are tax deductible.)

2. By donating something (a piece of art or craftwork, a signed book, etc.) to the auction. Anyone can donate; you don't have to know Deb & Laurie personally in order to help out.

3. By spreading word of the auction through your own blog or Facebook page.

4. By buying Laurie's books. You'll be glad you did. The writing in her "Elemental Logic" series bears comparison to Le Guin's "Earthsea" series, and that's high praise from me indeed. (To sample Laurie's work, you can read her selchie story "How the Ocean Loved Margie" online in The Journal of Mythic Arts archive.)

You'll find the auction here.

Youl'll find further information about Deb, and instructions on how to donate items, or to bid on items, here.

Please note: You do need to have a LiveJournal account to bid or donate something. It's easy to register on LJ, and it's entirely free. If, however, you don't want to register on LJ but you'd still like to bid or donate to auction, you can do so by writing to Jude, the auction organizer:  dziwozony [at]

God, how I hate the U.S. health care system. I'm very grateful to live in England, where an auction like this would be entirely unnecessary. (Friends over here find the need for it absolutely barbaric.) I'm also grateful to the writing-and-reading community for helping Deb to get the life-saving care she needs.


Terri, I would like to help by offering copies of the three Troll books, but although have joined the site, can't figure out how to add the offer. I'm off to Shropshire tomorrow morning. Is there any way you could put it up for me?

Yes, send me the info (via email) and I'll put it up. Thanks, Kath!

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