Rummaging through old sketchbooks (37)
Rummaging through old sketchbooks (38)

Big Painting Sale

   Sad Child

I'm trying to raise money for a family member in financial distress (due to medical costs and related complications) and I'm having a big half-price sale of paintings like the one above. Take a look at the paintings in my Etsy shop, and if you would like to buy any of them at half the price they are listed for on the Etsy page, write to me care of the Endicott Studio (endicottstudio [@]]. (I'm also open to offers . . . .) Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested. Thanks, dear friends and readers.

God, how I hate the U.S. medical system. It truly makes me grateful to be living in England, where it's not perfect, but so much better.

As of today there are five paintings left. . . .