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On Your Desk

A New Photo Series: On Your Desk

Terri Windling

A while back I asked you to send me photographs of The View from Your Window (an idea I pinched from Andrew Sullivan's blog, The Dish), all of which I posted here. It was so much fun seeing all of the places where folks in the Mythic Arts community live that I promised we'd do something of the sort again. This time, I am asking all you lovely readers to send in photographs of your workspace, including your desktop (or drawing table, or work surface). This, too, is not an original idea -- it comes from one of my favorite blogs, called On My Desk.

Please don't tidy up especially for the photos -- I'm looking for pictures that show how all of us work. Now me, I'm naturally (perhaps abnormally) tidy, so my writing desk actually does look like the photo I snapped of it, above. But when I'm pushing hard on a deadline, it's a different story -- as witnessed by the photo below taken by my husband, Howard, when I was crunching on a story for the new Borderland anthology earlier this year. Featuring a coffee pot, a tea towel (to keep the pot warm), two coffee cups, my reading glasses, a folklore reference volume, and a ticking clock, he calls it "Portrait of a Writer on Deadline."

Portrait of a writer on deadline

In the writing half of my studio

My studio is a long, rectangular cabin built of eco-materials at the edge of a woods. One wall has big windows overlooking the Devon hills, the village Commons, and the moor in the distance. I've divided the cabin, by means of a bookshelf, into separate work spaces for writing and art; here are photos that show the art side of the room...

On my desk in the art half of my studio


...and here is my studio muse and companion, hard at work herself, as you can see .

The studio muse

How to submit to the "On Your Desk" series:

Please send your photos to me via the Endicott Studio's email address: TheEndicottStudio at gmail dot com. Please let me know: 1) where you live, 2) what kind of work you do in your work space (you don't have to be a writer or artist to contribute a photo -- all are welcome), 3) how you'd like me to identify you (full name? web name?) and 4) if you have a website or blog that you'd like me to link to.

I'd also appreciate  a description your photo(s). You're welcome to send more than one. The preferred size for digital pictures is 6x8 inches (or 8x6 inches) at a 180 resolution...or something reasonably close.

Let the series begin!