Dear everyone,
A Tilly Interlude


I suppose you haven't forgotten that magical word! And I hope the fox is still there, somewhere around, between the two worlds, ready to come to you!:)

Oh your words & photo remind me of Vali Myers & her fox friend!


Love. Love, love, love, lovelovelovelovelove LOVE love.

But I am so biased. You. + Fox. + Poetry.



This is gorgeous, Terri.
And timely, too - foxes are everywhere I look at the moment, bold as brass and twice as fine.

It never ceases to amaze me, how the woods are so pink and green in the south-west.

This is lovely.

Oh this is stunning Terri, so beautiful. I'm reading The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson at the moment so I'm totally smitten by Fox, very timely! (and one walked past me very closely the other day) Hope you don't mind if I print this out for my studio wall? Wonder-filled...

Wonderful, wonderful Vali! She belongs in a fairytale all of her own!

Oh...beautiful, whispered magical tale...or tail?!

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