Rambling in the woods behind my studio...
Custodians of Time, Place, and Memory


Thank you for this lovely tribute to trees. It's no wonder I find a walk through the forest a magical experience, it's the sentient life of trees, I imagine.

I want to live somewhere where I can plant trees, where they'll have room to grow, and speak and sing, and no-one is going to cut them down to make way for ugly little units.



Oh Terri this so beautiful! When i was younger i used to live in an ancient oak Savannah and they lived very active lives. Throwing acorns so thick you could roll to the street on them. Plunking their tunes at night on top of the house. Now i live amongst the gentle birches. I could not live without them! Janette in Madison, Wisconsin

Lovely Terri! I've always felt an affinity to trees, and your verse speaks so elequently about their natural language. Loving the sapling ending and your distinct pictorial imagery!

This is sweet.

Very lovely. You might like to visit this blogger, who is doing a 365 day tribute to trees: http://365-trees.blogspot.com/

Oh Terri, thank you so much. This is a seed of enchantment, a gift of soil from the golden wood, and I shall nurture it in my garden, and share it with the world...or at least Facebook!

Stace ~ thank you so much for sharing in my blog ~:)

Lovely garden you have here, Terri!

This is beautiful. I love the photos you do of the woods where you are - they are so old, so full of power and character. I think I'd want to go there just to walk in the woods!

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