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Tune for a Monday Morning

Sunday Morning at Bumblehill

Tilly listens to a waltzTilly listens dreamily to Damien & Howard play a waltz...

Damien Hackney on fiddle...and then some lively gypsy tunes...

Dancing which she must dance.

The Sunday Kitchen Table

A while back, someone commented that the photos in the "On Your Desk" series could be viewed as still-life portraits of the people who work at those desks.  Perhaps the same can be said of kitchen tables on a lazy Sunday morning. In that spirit, I'm calling the transient still-life on the table above "Portrait of a Household."



lovely! and very handsome guys, especially the one with the fiddle ;)

that was actually my comment, not damien', miriam

What! instead of Mass on Sunday morn-Live music.. at start the day - life/love is good. Thank you God, or whom or what ever.

Lovely! I'm so envious! How lucky Tilly is...

...that looks like a lovely Rima-illustrated book-cover! Is it??
(and it looks like a mighty fun time!! nice dancing. ahem.)

The cover illustration of the music book is indeed by Rima. The book was a gift from her, and the lads are working their way through it. I sure do love it when they practice 'round our house....

Even these pictures have the power to inspire barefoot dancin'! Lovely way to start the morning for sure.

The two fellows and the dancing dog could take their show to the streets. :)

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