Sunday Morning at Bumblehill

Tune for a Monday Morning

This week's tune is one that always gives me a lift: "I Heard the Angels Singing" by the great blues guitarist Eric Bibb, performing in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I adore this man.

Angel of Forgiveness
An old piece of mine: "The Angel of Forgiveness" - precious, elusive, necessary

Reading recommendation for today:

For young writers (and by "young" I mean young to the profession rather than age), Theodora Goss has some excellent advice in her recent blog post Love and Squalor.


terri, your angel is beautiful. margaret xx

The world stopped while I looked at the Angel. Terri, she's so beautiful. Where does she live now?

With an old friend. He needed her.

Truly stunning angel.

Thank you for the song and the angel...just what i needed!

Wow, thank you for a magic music man and for your delicate ethereal angel. I'm sure your old friend took comfort from her. A lovely end to my busy day.

What an absolutely lovely pairing of art and song! GREAT way to start a Monday...

I love your Angel painting... she glows, breathes and whispers, such a sense of spirit to her...
Carrie :)

Beautiful, beautiful angel, ethereal and dissolving into light. I listen to guitarists with my eyes as well as my ears now...watching fingers, trying to work out what they're doing...that was marvelous!

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