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Celebrating the Sun

Music, fire, friends & tilly

Spring equinox 2011

Howard rima & steve 2

Music and a bonfire on a Devon hillside to celebrate the spring equinox (Monday, March 21st) in traditional fashion. Musicians: Howard (guitar, accordion, shakers), Steve Dooley (drums), Rima Staines (accordion, clarinet, flute), Tom Hirons (clarinet, guitar), Jason Hancox (drum), Thomas Hine (fiddle) and Damien Hackney (not pictured, fiddle). Dogs: Tilly, Macha, Warlock, Ash, and Pigsy. Friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents, and children. Food cooked on the fire, painted eggs, and laughter. And a whole lot warmer than it was last time. Spring is finally here.

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." -  Charles Dickens

Musicians 3

"The first day of spring was once the time for taking the young virgins into the fields, there in dalliance to set an example in fertility for nature to follow.  Now we just set the clocks an hour ahead and change the oil in the crankcase."   -   E.B. White (One Man's Meat, 1944)


Lovely!! I join with you all in spirit!


What a beautiful celebration! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Spring.

beautiful! lovely pictures and lovely quotations, especially from Dickens. I always like to listen to Britten's Spring Symphony at this time of year!

Wonderful...sigh! Wish I was there!

Feels like only yesterday that I was reading Rima's account of the winter solstice celebration and here we are the equinox already.

It looks a wonderful celebration and gives me quite a nudge that I should not let the solstice go unmarked, but welcome it with ukulele in hand!

A timely reminder also to be more aware of the passing of each day so that the weeks and months do not pass me by.

It looks like a fairy tale world compared to the view out my window in L.A.. I realize it's partly the sepia tint of the photos that makes you all look like you are in some other, more romantic time, but it's also the old stone walls, the hills, the instruments, the smoke of the bonfire. Beautiful. (I think of you as a painter and writer, but you're also a hell of a photographer. Your pictures of Devon and Devon life are really something.)

Love the photo of Tilly at the top, watching you across the fire as you take the picture. Lucky dog, she has a good life.

Fantastic :0) Love the pic of Rima & Tom. Happy Ostara / Equinox to you all.

Tossed Pantoum

Last night on the Equinox, as snow fell,
bright blue light forms were bouncing,
under a full-moon's final swell,
announcing -?-

Bright blue light forms were bouncing,
from foreground to the distant hill,
announcing -!-
"once more, once more, I will, I will."

From foreground to the distant hill,
Winter cruelly teased young Spring -
"Once more, once more, I will, I will."
"Oh," she cried, "You naughty old thing."

Winter, cruelly, teased young Spring,
under the full-moon's final swell.
"Oh," she cried, "You naughty old thing,"
last night on the Equinox, as snow fell.

Thank you for all the pictures. I can imagine being there, can smell the bonfire.

Nice celebration. We had sooo much snow still that we had to clear a spot in the garden - a small circle for our ritual. We moved the fire pit from its spot buried in 2 ft of snow. But the day here, too was sooo warm I ended up with just a shirt. The next day, however, back to snow and cold - remember New England? Spring comes in fits and starts here until all of a sudden, the daffodils bloom.

That looks like so much fun! We just got dumped with a bunch of snow, just as it was starting to look like Spring here. I wish I could hear the music being played.

Beautiful photos! Happy Spring to you all.

That Charles Dickens quote perfectly describes what it was like here in Belgium today. :)

In France too (near Toulouse). Happy spring, Chagford!


Beautiful, Michelle! Thank you.

Howard's learning accordion?

Uh oh....

And *sigh*...still waiting for autumn to put in an appearance here. I am WELL over summer!

After following The Drawing Board and The Hermitage, I get a great sense of community in Devon. I have been longing to visit, and I wouldn't be surprised if I wanted to stay.

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