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Bordertown ARC Contest!

Bordertown art by Steve Stone Advance Reading Copies of the new Bordertown book, Welcome to Bordertown, are as rare as hens' teeth if you aren't on the Random House review list -- but they've made a few copies available for contests, and I'm running one of them this week. Here's how it works:

Leave a comment (long or short, though we love the long ones!) on the Guest Book page of the new Bordertown Series website any time this week, ending midnight Sunday April 24. (If you haven't yet read any Bordertown books, have a look around the website while you're there as it provides a good introduction -- and there are three free stories reprinted on the site as well.)  

Make sure the email address you use for making your comment is one I can contact you on if you win. (Your email address will not be made public, don't worry.) I'll put the names of all the Commenters in a hat on Monday morning and pick one. Then I'll write to the winner to obtain a mailing address, and Random House will mail the ARC out from their New York offices next week. If you're the winner, you could have an ARC of the book (in the olden days we called them "bound galleys") a full month before it hits the bookstore shelves. The ARC can be mailed to anywhere in the world, so international readers are welcome to enter the contest too.

Please only one entry to this particular contest per person -- but if you want to double your chances of winning an ARC, Charles de Lint is also running a contest this week.

Good luck!


Oh my!

Doubling my chances! Here we go!!!

Looking forward to visiting Bordertown again. Of course, would be great to shorten my wait by winning. :-)

Got to be in it to win it!!


If it wasn't for your series back in the early '90s, I very easily could have taken my life. Because of you, when I felt like I could go nowhere, I could always escape to Bordertown, travel its streets, say hello to friends who seemed as damaged as I felt, and it always made me realize that I had too much going for me. Regardless if I win or not, thank you for your vision, your willingness to share that vision with not only readers, but with authors as well.
Thank you.

Gosh! A who's who of my urban fantasy favourites in one volume to tempt me out of the lurking shadows. I don't recall how I happened to link to this site several months ago, but I visit several times a week to get a bit of spring green (still snow on the ground in Canada) and peek over a virtual shoulder into the studios of artists and writers.

Thank heavens for more Bordertown. My old ones are a little raggedy as well as well-remembered.

Classic, and classy, urban fantasy. I am so happy to see these books returning to print for new generations, and old! :)

I'm very touched, Nathan. I'll pass your comment on to the other original Borderland writers.

I hope you find the same magic in the new book. We think the "new kids" among the writers did an awesome job, and it was lovely working with the old group again too. (We had the entire original group except for Midori, who wasn't able to write for the book due to an over-packed schedule but who generously gave us lots of support and good advice from the sidelines.)

I've already got my copy on pre-order, I'm looking forward to discovering Bordertown for the very first time!

I live in Bordertown, by the way. Well just outside it to be honest. In the woods where technology still works, most of the time. (Although it apparently didn't work the first time I tried to post this!) But magic works here too...sometimes. Sure it's unpredictable, but when it works it's pure Bordertown. When it doesn't it's just Normaltown. Guess you'd say I'm a permanent resident on the borderline. Been here 30 years on, now, and not about to give up this marginally magical piece of ground anytime soon. Came here young and green, and full of ideas about how magic should make my life better. Older now, none the wiser, it's the wild magic that I embrace. The "you-never-knowness" that hides in dryad-like tree shadows, and errant sylphic breezes.

Wow, really?? My wife and I are -huge- Bordertown fans!! I know it would especially make her day if I was chosen, so here's hoping for some luck! ^_^

Nothing else I've ever read has captured me in the same way as urban fantasy. I'm looking forward to reading a new Bordertown anthology!

Oooh~ I've loved the Bordertown books since I stumbled across one by accident in a used bookstore -- and years later, rereading them in anticipation of the new one, I'm still thrilled to have come across them and picked them up. It's such a lovely and unique setting, and the authors who've written there have turned out some amazing stories. Linked "Danceland" to a friend the other night, and got a text back cursing at me as she stayed up past her bedtime reading because she'd been sucked in. The magic's still alive, and I'm eagerly awaiting this newest trip back to the Border!

I'm so excited for this book! I wish the library had the older books available, but alas. :(

I never win anything, but who knows, the magic could happen this time...

I'll go for as many chances as I can get! Oh how I miss Bordertown!!!

Looking forward to this, I hope I win!

I'm rather excited for this. My first glimpse into Bordertown was in a Charles De Lint anthology back in high school. I can't wait to explore it further.

What words to use?

Delighted I may say. Pleased as well, at the opportunity to wander through Bordertown in advance of other readers. It may seem rude to step in front of the line, but if one is invited...

Thrilled at the prospect of new visions whether a win is counted to my name or I simply find an existing Border's in town to once again enter Bordertown.

Many thanks for the new tales!

Oh, I just scared the cats with my shriek when I discovered a new Bordertown book was coming! Whether I win it or buy it, there WILL be a copy in my ASAP.

Wow, raving reviews for this book/series. I guess it will be bumped to the next wish list book I buy. Thanks for the recommendation and contest.
jennifer kjovus
kjovus (at)gmail (dot)com

I can't remember the last time I was this excited waiting for a book to come out. I can't wait to visit bordertown again after so long.

I am so excited for this book! It looks like an amazing piece of work(: Elves and other worlds intrigue me, so this is definitely something to look forward to. I can't wait to read it! Thanks for the chance to enter the contest, btw! :D

Hope I'm not too late!!

I've never heard of Bordertown before this but it seems to be a very special place.

So glad you've brought this series back!

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