Tunes for a Monday Morning

Friday recommendations:

Thank you once again, everyone, for all the "get well" wishes. I've discovered what the medical problem is, it's being dealt with, and I'll be back to the studio (and this blog) soon.

In the meantime, just a very few recommendations for you:

* The wonderful  video above, "If I Should Have a Daughter," is from the Brooklyn-born Spoken Word artist Sarah Kay, whose work I love. It goes out to my step-daughter, and daughters everywhere.

* Speaking of poetry, I hope you all know about Stone Telling, a very interesting new poetry quarterly dedicated to boundary-crossing and multi-perspective poetry. And Michael Bourne has a lovely article on how Walt Whitman's poetry saved his life, at The Millions.

* For fellow Pre-Raphaelite fans: there's an article on William Morris' Red House in The Bexley Times; and Charles McGrath reviews Suzanne Fangence Cooper's delicious new book, The Passionate Lives of Effie Fray, John Ruskin and John Everett Millais, in The New York Times.

* Also in The New York Times, Valerie Gribben discusses fairy tales and the practice of medicine.

* Joanne Harris (one of my very favorite writers) discusses "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" in the Fairytale Reflection series at Kath Langrish's Seven Miles of Steel Thistles.

* Carrie Obsorne has a wonderful post on her encounter with a Gos Hawk at Windsongs & Wordhoards.

* Rex & Howard have some great new Tarot card images over at John Barleycorn .

* Art recommendation of the week: the paintings of Agatha Belaya, who lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Have a good weekend.