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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Above: Rich Thomas, lead singer and song-writer for Brother & Bones, performs his gorgeous song "Gold and Silver" on the BBC .  Based here in the West Country (on the coast of Cornwall), Brother & Bones is a shape-shifting group of musicians, artists, and film-makers who come together for a variety of creative projects, with music at the center. On stage, the band ranges from an accoustic three-piece to an electrified five-piece and all the way up to a 12-piece mini-orchestra, performing songs whose influences range from roots and folk to blues and rock.

In the video below, the three-man core of Brother & Bones (Rich Thomas, Si Robinson, and Robin Howell-Sprent) perform an accoustic version of their song "Back to Shore" on the BBC 

For more Brother & Bones, at the electrified end of the spectrum, try their new video for "Hold Me Like The Sun" (directed by Luke Pilbeam) and the plugged-in version of "Back to Shore" (recorded earlier this year at a farm in Cornwall).


I'm amazed that no-one else has commented - I LOVED these songs. What wonderful new(-ish) talent, let's hope they go far! (I'm assuming you must know them personally - I can't seem to find any profile anywhere...) Thank you for the introduction!

Wow. Thanks for the introduction. Off to order their music now.

Oh my, I've fallen in love this morning! Thanks Terri, off to forward to everyone I know, and to investigate their gig guide xx

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