Counting Blessings

Tunes for a Monday Morning

Above: Rich Thomas, lead singer and song-writer for Brother & Bones, performs his gorgeous song "Gold and Silver" on the BBC .  Based here in the West Country (on the coast of Cornwall), Brother & Bones is a shape-shifting group of musicians, artists, and film-makers who come together for a variety of creative projects, with music at the center. On stage, the band ranges from an accoustic three-piece to an electrified five-piece and all the way up to a 12-piece mini-orchestra, performing songs whose influences range from roots and folk to blues and rock.

In the video below, the three-man core of Brother & Bones (Rich Thomas, Si Robinson, and Robin Howell-Sprent) perform an accoustic version of their song "Back to Shore" on the BBC 

For more Brother & Bones, at the electrified end of the spectrum, try their new video for "Hold Me Like The Sun" (directed by Luke Pilbeam) and the plugged-in version of "Back to Shore" (recorded earlier this year at a farm in Cornwall).