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Mysterious Tree


I adore this little story about mysterious works of art that have shown up in libraries and other literary sites in Scotland. Go here to learn more, on the NPR website (via Erin Underwood at the Interstitial Arts Foundation). It will make your day, as it made mine.


By Leaves We Live

Coffin sculpture


 And three more quick recommendations: The art of Jean Bradbury (via Jackie Morris); wonderful "sustainable styling" made by a talented young artist in our village, Agharad Barlow; and a tip on the perfect holiday present for the writer in your life (via Kris Waldherr).


It made my day too....thanks for sharing.....and I don't want to know who made them either!

I have seen and heard of this before and it was in dark days when the government announced cut backs! The libraies are still under threat but I really felt uplifted by this! Enjoy Christmas /Yule etc

I had been following this story over the last few months and just loved the whole idea of it! Such a beautiful mystery!

This is beautiful... I guess not knowing has it's charm :)

It's a lovely, refreshing thing to see, especially in the run up to christmas. Often artists and craftsmen focus too heavily on how saleable their work is and this is an excellent reminder of the pleasure that can be gained through making a gift of your work and of also creating a sense of mystery and wonder around it and expecting nothing in return - asides from sitting back and watching the mystery unfold before you once you've made all of this work perhaps! great fun! And lets face it, art and books and a mystery combined, it simply can't get much better than that now can it!

This is an artist who has clearly decided that art belongs in the "gift economy" rather than the "market economy," to borrow Lewis Hyde's ideas. I'm hoping you all know Hyde's brilliant book, The Gift:

this work made quite the flurry in the book arts world. i am sad the artist is done, but i'm glad this artist is still unknown to the greater community. i love the artist's celebration of libraries.

Velma, I edited your reply to take out the gender-specific pronouns, since many people don't want to disturb the Mystery by knowing any details about this anonymous artist. I hope you don't mind!

And I agree with you that it is wonderful to see an artist celebrating libraries, particularly now when they are under threat.

I first saw these on Jackie Morris' blog, and they are just wonderful. I like the fact that they are a quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and yet powerful protest. And I don't want to know either...I want to go on believing it's faeries, or wizards!

i love this terri its fills my scottish heart with pride

That bottom one, with the record player and casket, FABULOUS!

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