Tune for a Monday Morning
On learning to bounce



A question today: What gets you to your writing desk or drawing board or rehearsal room or where ever else it is that you create your art? I don't mean on those magical days when everything is flowing so well that a herd of elephants couldn't keep you away...but on all the rest. What gets you into the studio, what overcomes distraction and procrastination, what helps you to put brush to canvas and pencil to page -- even on those days when you're tired, or stale, or fearful, or worried about a dozen other things?

"For me," says Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin and Hobbes), "it's been liberating to put myself in the mind of a fictitious six year-old each day, and rediscover my own curiosity. I've been amazed at how one idea leads to others if I allow my mind to play and wander." 

And for you....?