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It's Publication Week!

After-Datlow-WindlingLast night was the Book Launch for After (the latest anthology from me and my editorial-partner-in-crime Ellen Datlow) at Books of Wonder in New York City. Since I mixed up my days and didn't mention it here in time, I hope those of you who were interested in it heard about it anyway! And there's another reading coming up in New York on the 20th of November if you missed the first one. (And this time, I'll be there too.)

If you'd like to know more about the editing process behind the book (or why I edited a dystopian anthology in the first place -- admittedly a bit of a stretch for me), Ellen and I talk about it this week in the "Big Idea" column on John Scalzi's always-interesting blog, Whatever.


The launch was Last night Terri {Thursday OCT 11th 2012 6pm - 8 pm)...but the project sounds wonderful.."Our hope is that young readers will find it and love it enough to seek out other works of short fiction. And that teachers will use the book as a springboard for discussions about literature, culture, and society’s future. We hope adult readers will enjoy the book too, filled as it is with stories both finely written and entertaining. And perhaps after the book is done, we’ll all think just a little bit harder about the world we are passing on to our children’s children." I Hope so too.

Oh lordy, I'm a day behind! Rats! I've ammended the post.


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