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Opening the door...

Tilly at the gate

"It makes me so happy. To be at the beginning again, knowing almost nothing.... A door like this has cracked open five or six times since we got up on our hind legs. It's the best possible time of being alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong.”  - Tom Stoppard (from Arcadia) 

“People say to write about what you know. I'm here to tell you, no one wants to read that, cos you don't know anything. So write about something you don't know. And don't be scared, ever.”  - Toni Morrison


Your wit is back in tact! Delightful choices today, and Tilly as game as ever!

Awww, shucks.

The Open Door

What stops you at the yawn of a door--
the black shadow of divide,
the growl of jamb, the cartoon squeal?
Do not give in to that fear,
do not hesitate to accept invitation.
There is no wrong here, no danger,
only adventure waits, life, story.
It is our one chance for victory, for glory.

©2012 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

I love those day i will go out one i swear...Tilly looks like she is guarding it...keeping her human close...

love the rope web next to your magic gate !

I want to be wherever that is.

It's true, I don't know a thing! Thank goodness.

What an evocative picture; I could look at it forever. It IS a kind of forever. Faithful dog, gate to the
magical and unknown. I feel what I often have, out of doors and untroubled, in one of those days like
dreams. Words, words, words, said Hamlet. Look, look, look I say.

Having a slight eye problem, I first thought this was Thank the goddess. Both are good.

I love gates. All toll we have more than a dozen leading in and out, and through. That web at the right, though, I too do love it.

And to celebrate the Wishing New Moon, a final dose of homeo-practical medicine and magic
"Once there was, and once there was, and once there wasn't."

Hi Terri! Glad to see you are back in your corner of the world with your pup! I recently came across this lovely video about Tolkien's Hobbit story which speaks to the need for the fantasy genre in our modern world. I immediately thought of you and your work.

You've all seen this gate from its other side in the last picture of this post:

And also here:

...So now we have *two* beautiful poems by Jane inspired by the same creaky, mossy woodland gate. It sits in the crumbling old stone wall that separates the woods behind my studio from the open hillside beyond it.

Mokihana and Amy, thank you for the links!

Actually, I typed "thank goddess" first and almost left it. You must have caught my true meaning. *grin*

Oh, that's a wonderful bit of synchronicity. Joyful Solstice to you and all!

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