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Tunes for a Monday Morning

Mary Lambert

This week's music is from the young singer-songwriter and spoken-word artist Mary Lambert, based in Seattle. My friend Ellen Kushner posted Lambert's terrific cover of Rick Springsteen's "Jessie's Girl" recently (packed with memories from our 1980s youth), and it reminded me of just how much I like her work. Music like this is one of the many reasons I am so impressed by the artists and activist of our daughter's generation...and boy does it make me feel old to say that, but nevermind. 

Above: a poetic, impassioned performance of "Body Love, Parts I & II" (2014).

Below: the video for Lambert's "She Keeps Me Warm" (2013),  featuring a very sweet gay romance...and books! (How often do you see people read in music videos, after all?)


"Same Love," a lovely song and video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (2012) which incorporates Lambert's "She Keeps Me Warm."

And last, to end on a lighter note:

The adorable video for Lambert's "Secrets" (2014).


Oh Yes! It does make you feel old watching the younger generation joining the battles that still have to be fought. The pity of it is that there are still so many battles that have to be fought. But I suppose that's human nature!

Talking of which, today sees the first woman Bishop in the Church of England being consecrated(?) enthroned (?) whatever it is they do to become Bishops. Not my religion, but glad to see another victory gained.

Great music/words, by the way.

And now the my domestic norm has just asserted itself. The cats have just come in and walked something so disgusting over the kitchen surfaces I'll probably need a bio-hazard suit to clean it up! The great activists throughout the world and time may 'have a dream' but I wonder how many had cats!


Once again, thank you so much for this compilation. Like all great fantasy it has a difficult battle and some humor/fun. I cried for multiple reasons from beginning to end. I don't do that as a regular practice. I love what you bring to my life, my attention, and my soul.

Thank you and Blessings,


You already knew this one, too??


I really needed a couple of these today. Thanks for posting!

Seattle pride! She is awesome. =)

I love learning about new artists!

I didn't know her version of Jessie's Girl!!!! So thank you for that! (Besides, I totally count on you to keep me up to date on classical and klezmer.)

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