New Year's Eve
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New Year's Day

New Year's Day

I've been thinking of Neil's wise words today, for among the things I'd like to leave behind as I cross the threshold from the old year to the new are self-judgement and perfectionism of the sort that lead to procrastination and risk-aversion ... and which are, of course, the enemies of art, originality, authenticity, and joy.

The Lion in Love by Charles RobinsonAs for my wish for all of you in 2015, please forgive me if I repeat the words I wrote here exactly one year ago, for this wish hasn't changed, and perhaps never shall:

"May the year ahead be magical, transformational, and wildly creative, but also calm and thoughtful, harmonious and balanced. May your pathway lie clear, your desk clean and ready, with the tools that you need always right near at hand. May your body and mind and spirit be strong for the things that you know in your heart must do -- and may this be the year that you finally do them. May your work go well, and your rest time too. May problems be fewer and friends be many. May old hurt soften and old grief lighten. May life, art, and love never fail to surprise you."

Illustration by John Dickson Batten

The fairy tale illustrations above are by Charles Robinson (1870-1937) and  John Dickson Batten (1853-1917).