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New Year's Day

New Year's Day

I've been thinking of Neil's wise words today, for among the things I'd like to leave behind as I cross the threshold from the old year to the new are self-judgement and perfectionism of the sort that lead to procrastination and risk-aversion ... and which are, of course, the enemies of art, originality, authenticity, and joy.

The Lion in Love by Charles RobinsonAs for my wish for all of you in 2015, please forgive me if I repeat the words I wrote here exactly one year ago, for this wish hasn't changed, and perhaps never shall:

"May the year ahead be magical, transformational, and wildly creative, but also calm and thoughtful, harmonious and balanced. May your pathway lie clear, your desk clean and ready, with the tools that you need always right near at hand. May your body and mind and spirit be strong for the things that you know in your heart must do -- and may this be the year that you finally do them. May your work go well, and your rest time too. May problems be fewer and friends be many. May old hurt soften and old grief lighten. May life, art, and love never fail to surprise you."

Illustration by John Dickson Batten

The fairy tale illustrations above are by Charles Robinson (1870-1937) and  John Dickson Batten (1853-1917).


I love your rough sketch with mistakes and all of your words here. Happy New Year to you!

Wise and inspirational words, both Neil's and yours, Terri. I could feel a slight resistance as I read them, which is always an indicator that they are telling me exactly what I need to know! May we all feel able to make mistakes and allow ourselves to take risks. Love to All who meet here at this place of inspiration and spiritual guidance. A real sanctuary. My gratitude to you Terri x

I love seeing your drawing, it keeps drawing itself and a perfect post to get one off to a good start. If it was not for my mistakes, I would be empty, I think. There is an authenticity that comes from the sum of the successes experienced because of our mistakes although when disappointment coincides with this experience it can certainly cause me to procrastinate and waiver. Great pep talk Terry. Can I ask you to kiss Tilly for me? I love her face.

Deep Heart Magic Days !

Happy 2015!

Thank you for sharing these quotes, Terri. They are exactly what I needed to see today! Wishing you health, happy times, and mistakes in 2015.

Happy New Year to you Terri. Bless you for sharing Neil Gaiman's wisdom, sometimes he just knows how to nail it.

such wonderful, wise and beautiful words
from you and from Neil.
Thank you

i so enjoyed each piece of art as well.

may these blessings you share with us fill your life as well.

The Neil Gaiman wish always cheers me. And your words, Terri, express the intention I've set for myself this year: "for among the things I'd like to leave behind as I cross the threshold from the old year to the new are self-judgement and perfectionism of the sort that lead to procrastination and risk-aversion ... and which are, of course, the enemies of art, originality, authenticity, and joy." Now I'll smile when I think that we're both, and many more in this wondrous community, gently nudging ourselves to shed the censor within. All blessings your way!

In my search for omens on the first day of 2015, I received Neil Gaiman's wonderful inspiration from
my sister-in-law and now, here. So I will make dozens of mistakes, for the sake of making the good,
joyful, messy life full of secrets I stumble onto and add on William Stafford's helpful, "Writing is like
driving in the dark with seeing only the headlights before you."

In your dark woods, head for the mistakes. And love them.

Perfect, thank you :)
Hmm...a tidy desk you say? :/

I think having a baby in the house gives you license to ease up on the "clean desk" part! Much love to you and Andy. I've been a bit house-bound due to health, but hope to be out & about and see you both again before too much longer.

Happy New Year to you Lisa, Larraine, Kip, Mo, Melinda, Mary, Charlotte & Tammie, and to your loved ones too. Thank you for your sweet words.

Myth & Moor will resume its regular posting schedule on Monday. See you all then!

A candle is lit for you here on Dartmoor this morning, Phyllis, wishing for the ease of all burdens that can be eased; strength with which to carry those that must still be carried; stability, health, and happiness for your son; and a steady flow for your creative work no matter what else is going on around you. Ah, Tilly has reminded me with a flick of her tail to include good health for your furry family too. xo

The Censor is persistent, isn't she? But I'm determined to turn her into an ally, a voice of discernment and useful critique rather than disparagement and judgement. It's strange how the latter voices get into our heads when we'd never speak to others in such terms....

Your words had meaning for me today and as 2014 was a challenge with sadness for me, I feel ready for 2015 and your words are a comfort. Thank you.

And all the same to you and yours, Terri.

Last night I dreamed you were tucked away in a lair under a castle. The lair was under the sea. I followed a long hallway to you, and the room was blue and filled with books and you were teaching. You led your students to the front lawn, where everyone was constructing wings to fly.

Happy Sparkling Year of the Raccoon :)

Happy New Year! So lovely to read your greetings and wishes today. May you also have a blessed and beautiful year! And thank you for your continuing inspiration and wisdom.

Thank you for those wonderful wishes, Terri. So glad that I am able to be a part of this community. Happy New Year!

Turning her into an ally. Yes, much better than shedding her. I'll invite my dragon to tea and we'll have a heart to heart. ;)

Oh, so much thanks for this. I visited my son today and he is out of his body brace, which made him look like a Roman soldier. He is in good spirits and good appetite. The early
years of my son's misadventures and feeling helpless sometimes did harm to my soul.
With much help I have learned to make creative work my way through the mazes of life.
Myth and Moor has been extremely helpful.

Report from my white and golden cat." Overcoming some jealousy. Tail flick accepted and
a big musical m'yow in return."

Hello Phyllis, sorry to intrude on your chat with Terri, but I'd just like to say I'm very glad to hear that your son is making progress and that he's in good spirits. My two black monsters add their own 'm'yows' in greeting too.

It's raining here at the moment and the monstrous felines are now comfortably ensconced on the bed where they've made two huge wet patches that are nicely decorated with dead leaves and a large slug that has obviously come out of hibernation early and somehow got attached to their fur! Sometimes it's difficult to like cats, especially when you've just put clean sheets on the bed!

Pleasant m'rows & m'yows to all in a concert, maybe? Tilly on thumpy drums....

Thank you for kind words for my son. Some heart stopping scares but he's really strong,
and his sense of humor is still with him.

My poor cat never gets to go out. He makes up for it by bringing little flakes of brown
from his scratching box to decorate sheets and rugs. He is also ferocious about the
computer chair when he thinks I've hogged it too long. I suppose he sends out messages
in mystery cat waves.

I couldn't agree more about Neil's words, and your words have also touched my heart. Happy new year to you!

Very interesting, Raquel -- and possibly prophetic, as I've just been considering the possibility of doing a bit of teaching, of some sort or another, in the year(s) ahead. I always resisted teaching when I was younger, but I'm beginning to feel that there are things about mythic arts, in history and practice, that I'd like to pass on...if I can do so in a way that doesn't disrupt other work too much....

Happy New Year! 2015, a whole new year to play with. It will hold its own sorrows, but also provides the opportunity to make fresh delights and new art. Hope yours is fabulous!

Wonderful reflections on approaching a new year! Encouraging words for anyone faced with lifes challenges whether it be creating, learning or just trying to figure something out.
Let's all have a "Just do it!" year and not forget why delete buttons were included on the boards and erasers were attached to the end of pencils......
Love y'all..... Happy 2015!

I have tried to let you know how much I loved this. Interruptions...but now, I get a chance.
You may not go back this far, but I wanted you to know I can see t, the castle, the lair under the see, the hallway. books, books, books and the incredible lawn, and I became
a student constructing wings and then, I flew.

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